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Reduce waste by bringing your own togo containers sustainable

Reduce waste by bringing your own togo containers sustainable


Explore Sustainable Living and more! reduce waste by bringing your own to-go containers

reduce waste by bringing your own to-go containers | sustainable living | Pinterest | Reduce waste and Sustainable living

How much do you know about the National Organics Standards? Click for more fast facts!

9 tips for living with less plastic - Less Plastic

Bring your own when you go out

BYOC in MOTION Read about local residents who bring their own ...

10 Ways to unpackage your life!

Go Green, Live Rich: Bring Your Own

Read our green living tip 6 to go plastic free:

Take the pledge to reduce single-use!

How To Make Less Trash The Simply Way

Zero waste day 26 bring your own container. There's no reason to take a styrofoam

11 Simple Ways To Save The Ocean From Turning Into Plastic Soup

Get takeout without creating any waste or trash! It's easy to be eco friendly.

Bring your own containers: Low- and zero-waste food stores try to go green

Zero waste challenge day 24 BYOC! with www.goingzerowaste and bezero.org

Eleven simple steps to go plastic free! Reduce waste, zero waste, less plastic

Introducing GO Box:

Easy ways to start on that zero waste life. Start small. Refuse plastic and

Preserve 2 Go BPA-Free, Reusable Take Out Box/Food Storage Containers (

Wasteful packaging for food

Crystal Lehky stocks about 200 items in an unpackaged format in her Green Zero Waste Grocery store on Salt Spring Island, which has been open for about nine ...

Reduce Food Waste

15 Easy Ways To Ease Into Zero-Waste Living

Travel More Sustainably: 5 Easy Tips to Implement on Your Next Trip | Reduce Your

tired mom driving a steamroller producing waste behind her

We really, really have to do something about our catastrophic amount of waste. Now

how to go zero waste

Life Without Plastic's Airtight Stainless Containers

Background. Take-out food containers ...

When Zero Waste Toronto invited Bea Johnson to speak in their city, I wasn't surprised by how packed the auditorium was. What shocked me was how many men ...

To-go packaging

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: tips and ideas to take your efforts further, via

Tip #3: Bring your own to-go boxes

Looking to reduce your waste? Start with the big four! from www.goingzerowaste

tiffin with food

decorated tiffins

If there are comparable products, I will choose the one with less packaging, but I prioritize ingredients and responsible brands over less plastic.

Chinese oyster box to-go waste

green design, eco design, sustainable design, reusable coffee cups, coffee cup share. Even though many of us bring our own coffee containers ...

Introducing GO Box:

At its core, being truly trash-free means eliminating as many single-use items from our lives as possible. But, in order to help you get from here to there, ...

Creating a Sustainable Travel Kit to be Zero-Waste on the go

reusable doggie bags can help reduce food waste and packaging waste

Waste Basket

To help you reduce your contribution to the landfill, we have provided easily accessible recycling stations next to each residence hall and in every ...

Eco to Go ...

Takeout lunch in a compostable container 

I have slowly but surely been transitioning to a sustainable zero-waste lifestyle – or as I'm calling it, 'minimal waste'. I'm taking it slow: to put a ...

When you finally have a container, you follow the steps written on the wall on how you are supposed to go about shopping in this new store.

The Definitive Guide to Storing Food without Plastic

13 Easy Zero Waste Resolutions You Can Make For 2018

When you cook, leftover scraps like broccoli stems, onion ends, carrot tops, shrimp shells, and so on can easily be tossed into your compost bin, ...

If you were to pile up all of the disposable food packaging you and your family have used in the past year, how big do you think that pile would be?

zero waste: on the go kit

Reusable mugs and bottles Bring your own ...


sea of plastic pollution

Though the bowl meal I got here is recyclable and I ate all of the meal, it still generates something that ends up leaving my ...

During my Zero Waste Challenge, I stress that it's important to severely reduce eating fast food as it's not great for our health, ...

10 easy swaps for a more sustainable life (or, where in the world do I start with zero waste?!) - Lauren Lately

101 easy eco friendly, zero waste tips that you can implement today! From www

[GREEN EXPERT TIPS] Reduce food waste at home with easy tips!

garbage, recycling bin on curb

Susanne Collins, a barista at Joe Coffee in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square, has only worked in specialty coffee since last spring.

A few zero waste travel essentials from Zero Waste Bulk.

whole foods compostable container, whole foods biodegradable container, whole foods deli carton, deli

UnPackt will encourage Singaporeans to bring their own containers in a convenience-obsessed country that produced 800 million kg of plastic waste last year, ...

Background. Take-out food containers ...

Reusable containers. Simply take to the shop and ask the server to put your goodies

Bring Your Own Bottle

... takeout containers, and it also ensures that you can eat with real dishes and utensils, can compost any scraps and save the leftovers.

Disposable Coffee Cup Trash, by the Binners Project, used with permission.

Kitchen cooking utensils in ceramic storage pot

The Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Travel: 40 Tips to Go Green

14 easy habits that will immediately reduce your impact on the environment

Zero Waste Omaha: Sustainable City Guide | Find and Support Businesses that Support Local +

(Image courtesy of ...

Single-use plastics like disposable cutlery and straws are an unnecessary waste.

The Sustainable Kitchen: A Guide to Reducing Culinary Waste — The Seed & Plate

Bring your own container for takeout.

What if you want to reduce your waste, but you don't have any

Improve your recycling program

Bring Your Lunch and Love It ...

Source: Instagram account of Students Environmental Awareness Foundation- @seafoundation & Original work by Learning Fundamentals Mind Maps.

Tip: Opt for water in your own container to reduce waste, save money, and quench your thirst without slurping down calories and chemicals.

My favorite takeout meal, ma po tofu and egg drop soup, cooked at home

My next step was to bring my own plate, bowl, and glass to work so I wouldn't have to use paper plates or plastic cups. I didn't provide these things for ...

3 unexpected benefits of going zero waste from www.goingzerowaste.com

whole foods compostable container, whole foods biodegradable container, whole foods deli carton, deli


Remember to bring your own ToGo kit whenever you eat out