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Yokai Gashadokuro z blogu Lovec bakemono yokai

Yokai Gashadokuro z blogu Lovec bakemono yokai


Yokai : Gashadokuro がしゃどくろ ...z blogu Lovec bakemono- yokai

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Nukekubi 抜け首 z blogu Lovec bakemono-yokai

JAPAN's: Gasha-dokuro: Gasha-dokuro are skeletal giants which wander around the countryside in the darkest hours of the night.

Tenjō-kudari (天井下), its name means “coming down from the ceiling,” and that is pretty much the long and short of what this yokai does.

Yokai Parade by Verdego

硯の魂 すずりのたましい TRANSLATION: inkstone spirit APPEARANCE: An inkstone

Azuki arai | Yokai.com

Aka-shita (Red Tongue) by Matthew Meyer | Yokai.com

Gashadokuro- Japanese folklore: giant skeletons made from the bones of people who have died because of starvation. It lurks at midnight looking for victims ...

Gashadokuro, unknown artist

Japanese Floklore.... "Futakuchi-onna" or "the two-mouthed woman". Once upon a time, a miserly farmer was overjoyed with his new wife because she ...

JAPAN's_Hashi-hime: Hashi-hime are intensely jealous goddesses who inhabit bridges — in particular, very old and very long bridges.

More info on the Kasha, a Japanese yokai that appears as a flaming cat and is a servant of hell.


futakuchi-onna | Futakuchi-onna by brianjones90 on DeviantArt

Mitsukuni defying the skeleton spectre invoked by princess Takiyasha by Utagawa Kuniyoshi | kaiju/yokai | Pinterest | Kuniyoshi, Creepy and Skeletons


Japanese art sometimes makes me shiver. So gruesome and relentless. Katawa-guruma |


Haradashi- Japanese myth: a shapeshifting yokai that usually retains the face on it's belly

Ao bōzu | Yokai.com #yokai

In Japanese folklore, Gashadokuro, (がしゃどくろ) literally "starving skeleton" (also known as Odokuro), are giant skeletons that are fifteen times taller ...

Mizuki Shigeru

Hyakki by Kawanabe Kyosai

Yōkai of the day: Hyakki Yagyō

Disponível para tatuar #irezumicollective #japanesecollective #bestirezumi #japanesetattoo #japanesetattooart #彫煙

burntloaferings: morbi: zephyres:がしゃどく: Gashadokuro aka the starving skeletons are

Japanese ghosts demons and spirits - Google Search

Explore Japanese Mythology ...

Монстры японских мифов. Найдено http://tanjand.livejournal.com/1416658.html

gashadokuro - Google Search



I'm not supposed to be here.

Nuke-kubi | Yokai.com

Yokai Gashadokuro

Futakuchi onna, yokai, illustration by sabnock

Iso-onna Yokai. Iso-onna are dangerous vampires from Kyushu and Western Japan

Queasy :: Futakuchi Onna | Tapastic Comics - image 1

kabocha yookai かぼちゃ妖怪 pumpkin Yokai Monster

Garo: Vintage Manga from Japan

Day 12 Kuchisake-onna #inktober #inktober2016

Kappa River Child100 Yokai Ukiyo-e Japanese by MoonbasePrints

#water #japonesetattoo #painting #彫煙

Noppera-bō / のっぺらぼう, an apparition in the shape of a man having an eye in the place of his anus from the Yosa Buson's "Youkai Emaki", Another name for ...

Hasshaku-sama, Merry-san, Tatara Kogasa, Slenderman - Koto Inari

#sketch in progress. #地獄太夫 and #がしゃどくろ Long time no

Teke teke | Yokai.com




JAPAN's_Hone-onna: Hone-onna retain an undying love that persists long after their flesh has rotted away, allowing them to continue to be with the object of ...

Ame-onna are a class of yokai that appear on rainy days and nights. They summon rain wherever they go, and are often blamed for kidnapping and spiriting ...

Fuguruma yōhi | Yokai.com

"two-mouth woman" is a yokai in Japanese folklore who has a mouth on the back of her head that eats twice as much as her other mouth.

Rokujō no Miyasundokoro | Yokai.com

Just a reminder to those who are coming here for the first time: A-Yokai-A-Day ends on October but you can keep on getting new yokai in your inbox past ...

Kyōkotsu | Yokai.com

Yesterday I showed you Zashiki-warashi, which is named for the zashiki — a

JAPAN's_NUPPEPPO (Blobby): The nuppeppō is a bizarre and creepy yokai found

#japanese #manekineko .

Jinshin-Uwo, z blogu Lovec bakemono-yokai

A-Yokai-A-Day: Sugawara no Michizane Posted on Thursday October 29th, 2015 Today's entry has appeared on my blog before. He is well known all across Japan.

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Kasane | Yokai.com


Baku eating monster fish. Japanese YokaiDragonWatchDream ...

Neko-mata ~ 猫又、猫叉、猫股 (ねこまた) ~ part of The Obakemono Project: An Online Encylopedia of Yōkai and Bakemono My favorite YOKAI

Of all the yokai I've heard of, today's has become my favorite.

Futakuchi-onna A futakuchi-onna is another kind of woman who becomes a yokai

Kanashibari | Yokai.com

104 Likes, 1 Comments - Rodrigo Digo 彫煙 (@tattoodigo) on Instagram

Medusa, Jun Chiu on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com

http://img16.shop-pro.jp/PA01094/086/etc/%C3%CF%B9%F6%BE%AE%C4%AEup.jpg | がしゃどくろ | Pinterest

Hitotsume Kozou, one-eyed priest boy. They have a single enormous eye and a long red tongue. They wear robes and have shaved heads like Buddhist monks.

Yokai March: Kamaitaichi by rohkova

Dodomeki by ~ehime on deviantART


Chimi | Yokai.com

A-Yokai-A-Day: Ushi no koku mairi Posted on Tuesday October

The Bakemono Zukushi handscroll, painted in the Edo period century) by an unknown artist, depicts 24 traditional monsters that once used to spook the people ...

Japanese Tattoos

Makuragaeshi:APPEARANCE: Makuragaeshi are a kind of zashiki-warashi: a child ghost which haunts specific rooms of a house. They are found all over Japan, ...

Yamata no Orochi | Yokai.com

Japanese Tattoos

Kitsune Fox Yokai Girl Japanese Style by TeaFoxIllustrations

... Japanese myth: "the iron rat" a man sized rat with iron teeth and claws. It could shred up anything. It used to be a monk named Raigo who became a yokai ...

Oddments & Curiosities: Y is for Yama-oroshi

酒呑童子 - Google 検索

Kalki avtar

Yokai #14 : Futakuchi-Onna - Toonuki

yokai tattoo

http://images.wikia.com/nurarihyonnomago/images/3/3e/Gashadokuro.png | がしゃどくろ | Pinterest | Giant skeleton

Dorotabō | Yokai.com

Nodera-bō | Yokai.com Grotesque spirits of exiled priests who lurk around temple

Kage onna | Yokai.com

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Garappa | Yokai.com

The Sazae-oni. by AwkwardKlutz