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Xiumin my favourites t Exo Kpop and Kim min seok

Xiumin my favourites t Exo Kpop and Kim min seok


Xiumin's eyes are my second favorite eyes in the history of ever right after T.

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Minseok lookin like the innocent child that he is NOT

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Xiumin exo kim min seok

EXO Fiji Photo album 'Dear Happiness' Xiumin Kim Minseok

Xiumin | Baozi | Kim Min Seok | EXO'luXion 150912 : Xiumin


One of my favorite Xiumin looks^.

I can't understand how he looks so young when he is the oldest in EXO. K-POP mysteries

Xiumin asdfghjkl so cuuute

EXO Xiumin on 'DIE JUNGS' looking extremely dreamy♡♡ #minseok

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#Xiumin is soo fucking handsome #EXO

Xiumin looking so hoot here😍🔥❤

160824 #Xiumin #EXO Kang Shifu fanmeet

Xiumin *-*

Kim Minseok, an absolute beauty. #Xiumin

EXO Xiumin

EXO Xiumin

Xiumin lookin more like Xiudaddy < < < oh my gosh xD. Find this Pin and more on Kim Minseok ...

The greatest thing in life is doing what people say you can't do-- Kim Minseok


130801 Xiumin at M!

"Holy shit, that's Xiumin??" My exact words just now.. Exo MembersKim Min SeokXiu ...

Kim Minseok | Tumblr

Xiumin ♡ le plus vieux de la bande !

2016 Season's Greetings : Chinese Ver. - Xiumin

exo, k-pop, and xiumin image

EXO | M | Xiumin | Kim Minseok aka my ultimate bias aka bane of my existence aka my paradise

[SCAN] #EXO #XIUMIN - " Universe" Album.


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#xiumin #exo #shirtless So why didn't he do this in LA? I may have fainted though.

< < Xiumin >> | EXO !!! | Pinterest | Exo, Kpop and Kim min seok

Still getting to know EXO, but Xiumin caught my eye the fastest

xiumin // exo


Exo - Xiumin "Dem Biceps tho I want to touch them"

EXO's Xiumin

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EXO Xiumin

Kim MinSeok

Xiumin exo

its-irk: “ Kim Minseok ”

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#Xiumin #EXO #Photobook #TheEXOluXion

SCAN #Xiumin #EXO Dear Happiness #Photobook

Kim Minseok (김민석) aka Xiumin of EXO-M

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애셔 on. Kim Min SeokXiu MinExo ...

#EXO #Xiumin

EXO • XIUMIN • 시우민 • Kim Min Seok • 김민석 • 金珉碩 • K-POP • SM • EXO-CBX • EXO-M •

151101 EXOluXion in Fukuoka cr: harulin. FukuokaExo XiuminKim Min SeokExo ...

171111 #EXO #Minseok (#Xiumin) @airport ICN <3


Kim Min Seok, Exo Xiumin, Sexy, Korean, My Love

Xiumin ❤ · Xiu MinKim Min SeokExo XiuminKpop ExoAsiaMy Love

Xiumin, pixie boy :D~~~~ Possibly my favorite picture of Xiumin.

Xiumin - Sinchon Fansign

|EXO| Xiumin (Kim Minseok)


He takes too much space like can you not invade my exo board thank you you beautiful piece of rainbow poop #Xiumin #Exo

#exo #xiumin ❤

EXO's Xiumin one of my top favorite dancer's:)

Xiumin exo. Music BandsExo XiuminK PopKdramaKim Min SeokFunny ...

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Xiumin - Singles May 2018 #EXO


Xiumin from exo

#xiumin #exo

EXO • XIUMIN • 시우민 • Kim Min Seok • 김민석 • 金珉碩 • K

minseok with black hair saved me


That time Minseok rocked flame hair.

Xiumin - 160319 Exoplanet - The EXO'luXion [dot] Credit: Space Flight.

EXO Xiumin

hand signed EXO XIUMIN Kim Min Seok autographed photo 6 inches free shipping K-POP

Xiumin [시우민] | Kim Minseok [김민석]

XIUMIN · Kim Min SeokXiu ...


Xiumin EXO

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Xiumin #kimminseok


#Xiumin #exo #MyHeartbeat

youre the king xiumin

|EXO| Xiumin (Kim Minseok)


#exo #kpop #universe #xiumin

Kim Min Seok · Life · Fan Art · Husband · Xiumin

... MinSeok by fuzsii. Xiumin


29763485635_5d1c962420_o.jpg (1200×1800) | Minseok is Life | Pinterest | Exo, K pop and Kim min seok

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