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Whats with all these fancy AR lowers AR15COM outdoor

Whats with all these fancy AR lowers AR15COM outdoor


Whats with all these fancy AR lowers? - AR15.COM

If not what would be a good substitute?


Posted: 12/20/2017 9:54:55 PM EDT

ATX Armory Billet-40 receiver set. Based out of Austin, TX

Originally Posted By aIIan:

At this point I'm not sure whether I'll do a more direct clone or go with a standard lower/A1 stock. The CAV-15 uses a carbine buffer/spring.

Brownells A1 slick side upper. Brownells 11.5" A1 barrel assembly. It's on an A2 SBR'd lower because I already had it.

I'm going to use a normal upper receiver, barrel (300 BLK), and mostly normal BCG for this build but there will be plenty of non-standard, garage made, ...

Geissele 3 Gun trigger (might swap in an ALG QMS from another lower) Surplus A1 grip. No tick selector from a Colt 6920 (still has the ...

View tons of examples and past projects we have done in the past! Battle Worn

But now the issue is, what should I do for a lower?

Anderson lower. BCM upper and bolt. ACE Skeleton stock. Green Valley barrel with rifle length gas. MI hand guard. PA 5X prism scope. WELCOME to AR15.com ...

The Jack Lower Receiver

Definitely a tight fit to the upper. Gotta dig through some parts boxes. It'll be fun. Thanks again for all the input.

I Made an Untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' in My Office—and It Was Easy | WIRED

Originally Posted By Midyew5959:

If not what would be a good substitute?

Really pains me to get another lower and stamp it, when i already have one spare that doesn't even have an upper on it, but clone correct and all

I was going to use one to make an SBR build but now I don't like it as much with the weird pictures for fire controls.

Originally Posted By bjohnson425:

Still less expensive than the Royal Tiger kit, even when the sale through the 4th ends. Everyone please note these kits are not assembled - you're gonna ...

Upper Receiver-Anderson Manufacturing AR A3 Upper Receiver Barrel-ALPHA 16" .223 Wylde Carbine M4 Barrel Muzzle-Model 4/15 .223 1/2x28 Competition Short ...

Obama lower - AR15.COM

Another company called Rare Breed Firearms offers two helmet-styled AR-15 lower receivers. One is a Spartan style too and it is called “Spartan”. The second ...

Completed the wife's lower the other day.

We've already seen all kinds of stylized magazine wells of AR-15 lower receivers – skulls, hog heads and whatnot. Looks like for 2017 the helmet styled ...

The full Imgur album is here. It also includes a link to a detailed video where I go over what's what and why X part was used for Y, but it's also ...

Field stripping the AR15 (massive pics) - AR15.COM

It started out as a BCM 11.5" with black MOE handguards and a carry handle. It was heavy, especially once I started hanging an 8" suppressor off the end of ...

Who makes the Costa anyways is it a LaRue? One day maybe we will be able to afford some KACs so we can drive the platform. But until then ill drive the ...

Originally Posted By Carcano57:

As you can see the difference is major. The lines are smooth and sharp. This gives your receiver a unique look. Some billeted receivers are just works of ...

AR15.Com Archive

I know the trigger gaurd isn't flat and the trigger isn't spec . I have the parts and will eventually build a separate lower for this one

I just heard about this company for the first time. A customer at my work mentioned it and how Anderson MFG treats the guns with a special coating that ...

How to build the AR15 Lower

Not my pic

Would have come in below $300 if I hadn't added the custom dustcover, $309 for the rifle, $30 more for the mount.

I have this 357 and 44 magnum revolvers. I'm right handed, would you carry the 44 or the 357 on your strong side?

They went through a couple of surface treatments before the final coatings. After testing, the TiN ended up taking the temper out of the metal.

See if you can find one of the older models that were marked 5.56mm N4 and Safe/Fire instead of Safe/Semi.

The Anderson Lower Review and Performance Test

The box end has Colt lower receiver, Semi Auto, Spares. My Vltor MUR fit perfectly, tight.

Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

... to change the lower around. I have one from THompson Machine, and Chris at Bohica Arms makes a nice Billet steel one. There are several other also from ...

The AR-15 Is More Than a Gun. It's a Gadget

We've gone from the "standard" AR being a non-free float plastic handguard, carbine length gas, A2 front sight/gasblock, and A2 Grip and Basic Collapsible ...

In this Anderson Lower review, we also come to realize that the lower receiver is compatible with all the standard AR-15 gun magazines.


Wood AR-15 Furniture

The front pin is, I think, 1/8" roll pin. Because of where the rear pin is located, it is on the mag release fence on the other side of the gun.

The box end has Colt lower receiver, Semi Auto, Spares. My Vltor MUR fit perfectly, tight.

Dan Wesson Specialist in .45

I am using a Black Creek Precision blem dedicated colt style lower. The blem is the selector is slightly off, meaning it doesnt sit exactly horizontal.

I never got a reply from emailing ANAD's public affairs office, so maybe I just need to call. I really would like to pin down that coating.


The Best AR 15 Lower Parts Kit Buyer's Guide


Skeletonized AR lower - AR15.Com Archive

Of course, it wasn't snowing much as I was trudging back and forth between target stand and benches. But as soon as I would sit down to shoot, ...

Stag Lower With PSA Build Kit - Geissele SD-3G Trigger - Hogue Grip - Aero Precision Upper - Ballistic Advantage Hanson 16" Barrel With Lo-Pro Gas Block

Love the build DBM, seems we have similar tastes. Follow up on the BCM logo - a little BCG carbon from the MK18 did a pretty good job covering it up ha

I Made an Untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' in My Office—and It Was Easy | WIRED

For those not "in the know": the rifle on top is an AK, the lower a SIG 550. My AK is Romanian .223 variant, which was apparently assembled by monkeys.

A lot of naysayers poo-pooed polymer framed handguns thirty years ago and look what we have now? The FN SCAR uses a polymer lower and it seems to work ...


Then, then the rifle got more tacticool! I got a Daniel Defense Omega rail in their FDE. Put a vert grip and a Surefire on it.

http://photos.imageevent.com/scl_electronics/cfguns/ar15 /websize/anodized2.jpg

Here's mine on my fancy shooting bench.

... dings but I didn't want to let my paranoia get the best of me. I was told by that forum, and close family, that it was in fact not a new gun.

bentwood gunsmithing OIP (onces is pounds) carbine. 3.8 lbs.

The second one is called “Crusader” and, as the name implies, it resembles a Crusader helmet. Both versions are not available yet for purchase and they will ...

Advice on painting AR furniture - AR15.COM

Original G rail, Trijicon TA31RCO-G, Surefire SOCOM 762 Mini, Noveske Gen 2 all cerakoted FDE, Surefire M720V

Page 2 - AR15.COM

The lever is also curved. There are 2 different versions. The compact and ultra compact. The compact fits regular receiver extensions while the UC uses the ...

Got my can the other day for the 308.

DD Mk18 URG Surefire Warcomp Surefire Warden Vortex Sparc II Magpul MBUS Pro Gearhead Works Tailhook Mod 2 brace. Radian Raptor-LT TAR-15 Lower

LMT Rifle length MRP with FDE Saker 762, Surefire 620V, and Eotech EXPS 3 on a Noveske Gen 2 forged lower

This lower I like particularly because of the finely machined lines and edges, since I put as much value in aesthetics as I do anything, being an artist, ...

All of 'em for now.

So Strike Industries is releasing an arm brace/blade and a PDW brace - AR15

Tapco $35 stripped lower? - AR15.COM

**If my images aren't visible in this post - how do i get them to appear without clicking the links??**

or one of these CMT lowers with the hexmag pattern they even have a matching upper and grip

ATX Armory Billet-40 receiver set. Based out of Austin, TX

Fulton Armory slickside receiver. Stag lower/DTI LPK Young's NM carrier and fancy expensive bolt. Ergo Grip

Seekins forged lower. Seekins billet lower parts. Geiselle SSAe. VLTOR IMod and RE Sprinco Blue and H2 BCM Mod1 grip

My Anderson lower build, aka poverty pony.


They were a great local shop that didn't last long enough. Sad to see them go out of business, but I'm glad I got this lower when I could.