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Image is loading Zenith-Badger-Shaving-Brush-T-Shell

Vulfix Pure Badger Travel Twistable Shaving Brush T/B

Simpsons Chubby 2 & Da Vinci Uomo 290 Shaving Brushes

T Stand Shaving Sets

Shaving Brush Review – Simpson Tulip 3 (T3) in Manchurian

Geekhub Reviews on Twitter: "Rockwell Razors Synthetic Shaving Brush review - 7/10 typical, small Plissoft https://t.co/sSF7XpoIEW @RockwellRazors ...

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Titania Shaving Brush T-1700

BAILI Double Edge Manual Men's Barber Safety Blade Razor Shaver T Shaped Knife Holder Set +Wet Shaving Brush +Gift Box BD521L-in Razor from Beauty & Health ...


Shaving brush, vintage men's Baton 7693, pure badger, set in rubber, butterscotch yellow orange handle

2016 BAILI Wet Shaving Safety Razor Set Men's Manual Barber Classic Stainless Double Edge T-

The Six Shooter Shave Brush doesn't use an actual revolver from a gun, but a close replica hand-crafted from high-grade anodized aluminum.

How To Choose a Shaving Brush

Amazon.com : Wet Shave Kit - Shaving Kit Includes Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Chrome Stand & Double Edge Razor, with 5 Double Edge Razor Blades ; Premium ...

Mühle Silvertip 2.0 Synthetic Shaving Brushes

I recently (yesterday) got a Heinrich L. Thater shaving brush and couldn't wait to try it. I wanted to use a silvertip badger brush in any event, ...

Here you can see that the Omega boar brushes remain more compact.

This is my first shaving brush restore. It's an old Ever Ready 100T and it wasn't too bad off as a handle but that old knot had to go.

Omega Black Badger “Barber Pole” Shaving Brush

As my last shaving brushes are very big, my old shaving brush holder became too small so I've made a new one. Simple to build and useful.

If you like a stiff brush, this is the brush for you. Boar is the stiffest of all the bristles used in shave brushes. Don't let the reasonable price fool ...

Want the benefits of a facial shaving brush but don't want it made with animal hair such as bore or badger? Check out some of our high quality synthetic ...

Let's talk brushes! In all the thousands of shaving "essentials", one product that you clearly don't want to do without is a good shaving brush.

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Introducing Fido's Shaving Brush Blog

eBay. Supreme ShirtShaving BrushStraight ...

Tweezerman Men's Shaving Brush

It doesn't always hold the brush exactly vertical, either, without nudging it around to find a center point.


shaving brush by eshave

Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures before I did my 3 dawn lathers. This is the after picture. It bloomed quite nicely from it's packed state.

30mm Tuxedo shaving brush

Again, the lighting isn't great, but I think the colour comes through quite accurately. As you can (hopefully) see, it's very similar to other ivories.

Personally - I don't buy shaving brushes to look at, so for me, I'd prefer hair that works/feels better to hair that looks better, but to each their own.

No animals were harmed in the making of this product, silky soft, no smell, doesn't lose any hair, rinses easily 2. The brush works well with all kinds ...

Geekhub Reviews on Twitter: "Rockwell Razors Synthetic Shaving Brush review - 7/10 typical, small Plissoft https://t.co/sSF7XpoIEW @RockwellRazors ...

... together and (ideally) trimmed at the base, and the base is set in some sort of glue. In any case, the resulting knot of badger hair looks like this:

Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Ustraa Shaving Brush - Natural East Indian Rosewood

A set of men's accessories for shaving. T-shape razor, blade and shaving

...and my poor pictures don't do it any justice! Rudy Vey Custom Handle stuffed with Shavemac Silvertip 2-band. Knot: 30mm. Loft: 54mm. Total Height: 124mm


... t Shaving brush


Mail CallMail ...

benjamin hubert's shaving brush set for follicle & limb taps into traditional male grooming ...

Tied up the old knot and cut it out.

This brush has been sold but if you would like one just like it don't worry I have the measurements and can machine another one for you ⚒.

It's also far easier to maintain, just rinse thoroughly after each use and flick dry, and doesn't need breaking in like most animal hair brushes do.

As my last shaving brushes are very big, my old shaving brush holder became too small so I've made a new one. Simple to build and useful.

End of line Shaving brush

The Bluebeards Revenge Pure Badger Shaving Brush (Gift Boxed)

... The Guv'nor Pure Badger Shaving Brush ...

best shaving bowls

That's because each one is individually hand made by eye. I prefer them to be different! I don't want to do mass production of exactly the same brush!

Enamel Shaving Soap Gift Set

What Was Hot in 2107 and What Wasn't at Executive Shaving

... specific that I really like about each brush I own. I didn't list these in any particular order, but here are the top five I chose for tonight:

30mm Tuxedo shaving brush

The fan has quite a flat top portion which is fine, but I don't like that feature in a bulb. I am finding it hard to place these knots as bulbs or ...

Shaving Brushes. Synthetic Fibre

First, there isn't anything wrong about using a disposable razor or an electric shaver. Having said that, it is important to realize that simply lathering ...

A new paper looks back on an old epidemic—and raises fresh questions about antique shaving brushes

Pure badger is the cheapest badger grade, considered rather prickly. Just a quick look and you notice the quality of the hair doesn't match the higher ...

Overall, I'm really happy with this rather expensive purchase. I no longer need to buy a new razor every two weeks and I can enjoy softer legs for a long ...

No Shave - Men's Premium ...

If you believe in form, function, and affordability, you can't go wrong with the Ambroley Best Badger Men's Shave Brush.

Ustraa Shaving Brush - Dark Sheesham Wood

Kent of Inglewood Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush


Didn't photograph well but the paint is Pearlescent, both the white and the blue. The knot is Pure Badger hair.

Do some research on the group forums, but don't give yourself a headache or lose sleep trying to find the perfect brush.

Tulip - T3

Imported Omega Pura Setola Boar Bristle Ash Wood Handle Shaving Brush

Taylor of Old Bond Street, Pure Badger Shaving Brush P374

After its initial soak and left to sit in lathered cream to get any remaining smell out of the brush I took it for a test drive.

Gillette Fusion Chrome Collection Shaving Brush

The Best Synthetic Shaving Brush: How to Save a Beaver

Geekhub Reviews on Twitter: "Yaqi R151111S1-26 Tuxedo Shaving Brush review: 8/10 great brush for crazy low price ($12) https://t.co/rGUSkQ330T #wetshaving ...

Wet Shaving Trifecta - Funny Wet Shaving Straight Razor and Shaving Brush T Shirt

Very unique and rare lucite shaving brush with stand. M Vincit T.

Check out the shaving barrel on the lathe! It looks so much like quartz and gold vein it's not funny. All polished up you just can't tell.

You've just gotten a shiny new shaving set. Only one problem…you don't know how to use it. Let's fix that right now.

An example of a Pottersong shave scuttle with two types of brushes: the long handled

I don't know the guy, just follow his brush handle making on Instagram.

Executive Shaving Medium Jock Synthetic Shaving Brush with Faux Horn Handle

Shaving Supplies

Qshave Man Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush 100% Original for Razor Edge Safety Straight Classic