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Second amendment fact good ole Orlando Guns save livesquit

Second amendment fact good ole Orlando Guns save livesquit


Second amendment fact, good ole Orlando.quit blaming guns for the death of people!

Second amendment fact, good ole Orlando.quit blaming guns for the death of people!

Guns- one of my favorite quotes. You don't have to be a gun lover to understand.

How true! It irritates me that schools no longer recite the pledge of allegiance anymore! How un-American is that!

Gun Rights Assault Rifle Amendment* Israel killed USS Liberty soldiers June Lyndon Johnson favourite of Zionist Haganah Army For all people to defend ...

You've had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren't you ready?

Second main thing is that if any one have any emergency call 911 don't used your gun the kill some one the police can come on the and the police can the ...

if guns kill people.wake up, People kill People and everything else.

Guns: protecting you from criminals & government since 1776

Making Good People Helpless Won't Make Bad People Harmless - Meoso

GUN CONTROL: Second Amendment Doesn't Give Americans The “Right to bear Arms” It Prohibits the Government from 'Disarming The People'.

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The second amendment works!

Barack Obama thinks Owners are "bitter".Gun Owners think Obama is an Idiot

I don't carry to kill people, I carry to keep from being killed. Remember this when you call me depraved for wanting to protect myself and loved ...

Guns n knives and other fun toys. FunnyGun Rights2nd AmendmentGun ...

Home protection, 2A, Second amendement, 2nd Amendment, gun rights www.facebook

The fact that government would even consider repealing the Second Amendment is the very reason for which it was written.

Gun rights japanese admiral quote on Americans having guns

Yes I do. QuoteBearPro Gun2nd AmendmentRiflesGunsWeapons ...

... those in control can massacre anyone, anytime, anywhere. Since every mass killing is carried out by a Democrat, how about we just ban guns for ...

gun rights, 2d amendment, freedom, and protection

#defenseweapon #GunControl #GunRights #SecondAmendment #2ndAmendment #therighttobeararms #guns

The Second Amendment - America's Original Homeland Security #NRA

That includes my own government if they try to take my guns or rights from me

Presented byTyger Drew-HoneyExternalActor and presenter

Good people don't need laws to tell them to act responsibly and bad people will find a way around the laws. - Plato So true!

Harvard Study: Banning Guns Will Increase Crime

My guns are NO threat to ANYONE who isn't trying to deprive me or my family of life, liberty, or property. They ARE, however, Extremely dangerous to anyone ...

Truth...a gun is as good or bad as the person using it. #guns #2A # secondamendment

History is a subject that's vitally important because it often repeats itself! Ask a few random people on the street why the year 1776 is impotant?

Lawfully Concealed Weapons Welcome. #Support the #2nd #Amendment

A Gun

to make you Grin & Think!

Why We have Guns

NOT Funny, just true: God bless America and our amendment

Defense weapons, not assault weapons. Gun control people want you to think of them as assault weapons.

Tombstone Girls With Guns

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They call this an "assault weapons". I call it an ANTI ASSAULT WEAPON. Defensive weapon works as well. A well regulated militia being necessary to

Sometimes, it's tough to be a gun owner. We tend to get a bad rap because of the few irresponsible gun owners out there. So in an attempt to clear&hellip

2nd Amendment T-shirt

Second amendment

2nd Amendment

Thomas Jefferson

Why I fully support and love our second amendment rights, and why i will carry. Also I like my pink gun

Gun Control Should Mean a Balanced Stance and a Smooth Trigger Pull - Meoso

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.

Keep Calm and Return Fire :)

You've had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren't you ready?

James Earl Jones speaks the truth

second amendment right apparel pink | 2nd Amendment Patch

Ronald Reagan Quote on gun control

2nd Amendment, The Real Reason: Protect our 2nd amendment rights!

amendment is very clear and not open to interpretation. It clearly states the right to keep and bear arms shall be "well regulated.

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of

The Second Amendment wasn't written so we could go hunting. It was written so we could shoot at the government if it was ever taken over by tyrants.

2 of my favorite things, John Lennon quotes CZ pistols!

The Second Amendment saves lives.

Smith & Wesson Pink Platinum 22LR. I need to do this to mine!

You've become used to your parents' unique sense of humor… | 29

The Second Amendment ain't about shooting at deer.

Criminals Don't Obey The LAW! More laws, signs, and restrictions AREN'T going to resolve this issue.

Guns ensure freedom in our country…

Guns don't kill people: People who don't value human life kill people (but if those people can get guns easily, then we need gun control)

Find this Pin and more on 2nd amendment by mikalz.

Twitter / NRA: Facts gun control advocates .

prison guns, do gun bans work? Do they prevent murder?

If we can't remember the past we are doomed to repeat it! Wake up people!

guns weapons weird 9 Worlds most unconventional guns photos)

Amendment - Broken Down - Run Your Own Country

Take the guns away from criminals instead.

Twitter / 2ndAmendmentNow: A short video on the #Feinstein ... 2nd AmendmentGunsWeapons ...

AR-15 rifle, customized in pink & white Duracoat finish by Jim's Gun Supply


Facebook Gun Nut Logic

Myth “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” – Wayne LaPierre Overview of Pro-Gun Arguments Guns are an effective ...

Love! This is how I want my m & p compact to look :)

... servant police to be more heavily armed than the law-abiding public they serve. the government's intention is to be more powerful than the people.

My pink gun!

Good quote!

the right to bear arms

State's rights baby! All states should do this

So beautiful in its simplicity.

Choose your destiny wisely.

The 2nd Amendment Is My Gun Permit

My future pink camo pistol that I want.

What girl doesn't need a pink camo handgun!

Are you all that stupid to think criminals will obey gun control?

A good man with a good gun is a good American.

Ammo and Gun Collector: Gun Humor / Support the 2nd Amendment

Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons


Although the Dalai Lama eats meat, I have to agree with him on this! Shoot to immobilize your opponent if you're against killing *where guns are allowed.

The irony is FLOTUS was just there for the funeral of a child & promoting banning firearms. Nowhere in the broadcast did the media mention CHICAGO ALREADY ...

A proverb for shooters!

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun! Banning guns isn't gonna work the bad guys are okay with doing something ...

The Glock 42 is a new micro-pistol from one of the most trusted names in the firearms business. We got an early look at the gun prior to SHOT Show

County “Avoid the DUI Crackdown Campaign Leads to 621 Arrests So Far

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