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NAF 4k to save Renegades from the loss games globaloffensive

NAF 4k to save Renegades from the loss games globaloffensive


NAF 4k to save Renegades from the loss #games #globaloffensive #CSGO #counterstrike

Jayzwalkingz - 200 IQ NA smoke - Renegades vs Navi - Dreamhack 2017

Cloud9 Tarik 4k vs SK - Dreamhack 2017

nifty 4k awp - Renegades vs Navi on Cobblestone - Dreamhack Masters Malmo 2017

G2 completely throwing the round against NiP on Inferno - Dreamhack 2017

Eleague eye tracking demo

kNg smoke bug on Dreamhack 2017- Immortals vs Fnatic

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(Gambit) fitch 4k vs Faze on Train - Dreamhack Master Malmo 2017

Bomb timer broken Boston Major Avangar vs Mousesports

Dosia Triple Kill on Train - Gambit vs Nip - Dreamhack Master Malmo 2017

S1mple usp headshot ace G2 vs Navi on Cobblestone - ELEAGUE

TyLoo Somebody quick usp 4k

Nifty onetap Envyus vs Renegades on Cache

Fl0m clutch ace Mythic vs Team One

VAC wallbang by dzt Rogue vs Tempo Storm

S1mple pistol round ACE Navi vs Envyus

Neo jumpshot on HyPe in match 1337HUANIA vs VP on Inferno


Cloud9 bamboozles Muffin Lightning

Loba's thoughts on new OpTic

Nifty VAC Hold A site inferno Dreamhack Renegades vs CLG

NAF incredible 1v3 TYLOO vs Renegades on Cache VSL

"jasonR, your best sucks"

few days ago i had this game ...

Fun and Frags Compilation #13 - "Wild Child"

I don't have words for ...

Sixer sick hold Envyus vs Renegades

The Seraph and Crumbz combo has been unstoppable – either of them are the MVP's of this series if Renegades go on to win.

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They walk away and then go back to a Baron dance – it's the wrong decision. Ninja continues to push bottom lane and the rest of Renegades clean up at Baron.

Renegades have done it. They've qualified for the LCS Summer Split with a commanding 3-0 against a TDK team that couldn't handle the combination of Crumbz ...

Last night the final spot at the DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 tournament was filled, as Renegades overcame Optic Gaming.

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Dust 2 - Quarter-final - Game 2

TDK catch 2 Renegade members bot in Ninja and Crumbz and try push baron. They're halted by 3 Renegade members, but manage to kill Seraph.

nitr0 4k to bring it to OT


After skipping IEM Oakland, VP came to to Atlanta win

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s1mple goes +74 across the group stage of SLTV. Next closest on his team is +4 : GlobalOffensive

February 17-25 will see some of the best talent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has to offer go to battle in Kiev, Ukraine for a share of $300,000.


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Rush B from Vega Squadron vs Faze

when things just are not going your way


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Pasha 3K awp on Nuke G2 vs VP

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On the opening day of the DreamHack Astro Open Denver, the top spot in each group belonged to Cloud9 and BIG. This will see them both have the second day ...

Buster deagle 4k Avangar vs Mousesports




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The loss means that they'll face TDK tomorrow, at 19:00 GMT. The winner of that game will join Renegades and TiP in the LCS in the Summer Split.


SK Gaming and FaZe Clan are the teams playing in the final duel of IEM's Sydney events tomorrow.

That thumbnail




The second day of Eleague Season 2 Finals is over, and the last semi-finalists are known - OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan.

Torqued vs AGO Esports / DreamHack Open Tours 2018 - Group A Losers Match / Post-Match Discussion : GlobalOffensive

Naf insane clutch

Immortals withdraw from IEM Oakland 2017, Renegades added to lineup