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He just hasn't been around, or prominent, for a while. He's a character whose very existence has been mocked, inside the comics and out of them.

Young Japheth was diagnosed with stomach cancer after he became unable to retain solid food. Not wanting to burden his family, Japheth set out into the ...

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Discovering his powers.

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Maggott (Japheth) (Earth-616)--Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 345 001.jpg

Maggott (Japheth) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 70

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Now — in case his name didn't give you enough of a hint, Maggott was a mutant who didn't look like a bronzed adonis. His mutant power was disgusting by the ...

Maggott (Japheth) (Earth-24201)

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Maggott by thejason10 on DeviantArt

(Uncanny X-Men I#349) - On top of the Empire State Building, Maggott had his slugs nibble on the binoculars of the observation deck until he relived a ...


Maledictus T. Maggot

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(X-Men II#75) - The team searched the city and eventually found the still terrified Maggott. They managed to assure him Wolverine's injuries weren't his ...

Maggott (Japheth) (Earth-92131) from X-Men '

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Maledictus T. Maggot.

Though Slaughter couldn't have known it, taking the slugs would have cost Maggott his life, so the South African mutant felt rather strong about it.

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Alternate Reality Versions

If you have a stubborn leg ulcer, you may be tempted to seed your wound with maggots, a treatment reportedly used on and off between the 14th and 20th ...

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... and from time to time they took strolls away from him, these absences getting longer each time. Japheth knew that, if they wouldn't pass on their energy ...

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Just before being led off to be killed with a number of faceless mutants, Maggott handed off one of his slugs to two child inmates.

... maggots appear from nowhere, but it's just that you didn't notice the fly or its eggs. The fly lays hundreds of eggs at a time!

Maggott's real name is Japeth and he was born in a small village in South Africa during Apartheid. He was the youngest of his five siblings and had the ...

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Maggots may trump scalpels when it comes to cleaning large wounds that won't heal easily, such as those seen in diabetics, according to French researchers.

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Last month, a young mutant appeared in Ultimate X-Men #3 (with a brief appearance in #1 as well) that suspiciously reminded us of Japheth, but had no name ...

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Paul Ventner via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 3.0

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(Alpha Flight II#9/Uncanny X-Men I#355) - Maggott and the other X-Men rushed out to help Wolverine when he was attacked by Alpha Flight on the way to ...

Darren Maggott,24, who was shot dead by a policeman in Cape Town.

Bullet holes in the windscreen of Darren Maggott's ...

The Best Reason To Stop Smoking Is Because You Can't Break Up Death Maggot. Never Break Up Death Maggot.

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Apocalypse with four new Horsemen. Storm (possibly Bloodstorm), Havok (still corrupted by Axis), Daken and… Maggott.

After the trial, Psylocke dropped off Maggott with the other X-Men at Xavier's mansion, or what was left of it – as Operation Zero Tolerance had stripped ...

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