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Gerard Way Bands t

Gerard Way Bands t

Gerard Way Bands t.txt <

Why is Gerard soooo cute?

Find this Pin and more on bands. My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way ...

Gerard Way, a member of My Chemical Romance, a band some people called a "suicide cult". Don't just make assumptions until you do a little investigating!

5065 best Gerard Way images on Pinterest | My chemical romance, Killjoys and Romance

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way , don't forget the rest of the band

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I hate crying so I don't tend to watch their videos in fear that I will start to cry. That's also why I don't often listen to Truce, Goner, or Cancer unless ...

Well, Gerard you are not invisible l will ensure you that. You are an inspirational man and thank you for that. | Gerard Way | Pinterest | Romance, ...

sorry for all my lovers, but i will forever love mcr. i don't even like sorry not sorry < <

For those of you who don't know who "the emo guy with red hair" is its Gerard Way and he's freaking fabulous! So where there's a Will (Smith) there's a ...

Revenge era , to danger days era THIS IS AMAZING AF!

this place isnt punk rock XD

Gerard way < < < < < thank you Gee this quote helped me so much

Gerard way

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

He just loves Blade Runner, doesn't he?

Mikey (and Gerard) Way. The text on the pic isn't mine

God bless Gerard Way. A beautiful family and great music for kids like myself to look up to.

Gerard way funny

5065 best Gerard Way images on Pinterest | My chemical romance, Killjoys and Romance

< < *hides in corner* pls don't kill me

gerard way ✧

"honey seasons change but people don't" ✧ gerard way of my chemical romance>>>>it's baby seasons change but people don't but that parallel is amazing

Gerard Way selfie from this morning

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

Gerard Way, Summer 2014, Hollywood, Photo by Brinson+Banks. OMG I can't take this anymore !!!! He's so hot

Gerard way. He is a time lord, isn't ...

Well, you checked that off your bucket list. < < < i have seen viral threads of guys discovering gerard way and also discovering how gay they really are.

Hah, I need to get this for my (not blood related) Uncle!!! If Any Of You Know Me On A Peronal Level, You'll Know Who I'm Talking About!

Gerard way

every heart i left behind that you couldn't break ✧ gerard way of "

Gerard Way

happy birthday gerard way!

gerard way ✧

Gerard Way < <

Image result for i don't know where we are gerard way

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

Gerard way is a lifestyle

\\ Desii_Grace // | mad sounds | Pinterest | Romance, Billie joe armstrong and Joe armstrong


Gerard Way - so damn cute omg can u not. He's even wearing a madonna tshirt tehe < <----GEE

Gerard ...

Baby seasons change but people don't · Emo BandsMusic BandsGerard WayBand ...

I can't watch the video for Ghost of you or I don't love you because i just cry so fuhkin much

Gerard Way

Wow i seriously think he is gorgeous right now. < < does anyone else think he looks like a Gerard version on Billie Joe Armstrong?

Sassy Gee < <

The bottom left photo is in the back of "True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" comic collection. The same one where the first sentence was "I don't have many ...

This is why I love Gerard Way.

Frank Iero Gerard Way

Gerard Way

ƸӜƷ Gerard Way

Gerard Way bright red hair. I couldn't find a picture of a girl

Awe Gerard putting on his guyliner

Gee with white hair quite honestly kills meeeeee

< < I'm torn between thinking this is cute, I mean look at the kid's t-shirt, and being incredibly jealous

Gerard Way

I haven't posted in two days what

sometimes I like to imagine Gerard saying all these beautiful quotes in his silly little New Jersey voice idk


Gee Way April 2017 < < aaah metallica shirt, he hasn't even changed (:

A Gerard Quote ~ "Promise Me.

Gerard Way gif

gerard way - one of the cutest people ever

i couldn't help myself....i need this · Gerard Way ...

my dream is to go to a café and airdrop this or lemon gerard and see

I mean id probably yell "holy shit" but its gerard so itd be good < < < I have a feeling I'd scream.>>>I'd probably smack him with a pillow then realize it's ...

Quotes from the one and only, Gerard Way <3 ...

Baby seasons change but people don't. oh wait, wrong band

Gerard and Mikey Way in Helena

Gerard Way.. aka MR. SASSYYYY

you keep eternity, give us the radio ✧ gerard way of my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard looks so badass here XD

I'd be more interested except^^^

I don't know what part makes me happier < flower crown is photoshopped /: but Gerard is beautiful and this picture is still the best thing ever

Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance XD Gerard Way

Image result for i don't know where we are gerard way | Bands (AKA Fangirl Material) | Pinterest | Romance, Killjoys and Screamo

Gerard Way

Wait, the teal roots weren't intentional?

Oh my gosh Gerard

My face when people don't know any of my Fandoms XD - Life throws

Rivers Cuomo and Gerard Way-These two are way up on my list of top

My Chemical Romance~ Gerard Way

If I die and Gerard Way along with the rest of the band isn't

Gerard and LynZ Way they're both adorable even tho gee isn't looking the same he looks great

My Chemical Romance Shirt MCR Rock Band Gerard Way Baseball Raglan Tee Shirts Long Sleeve Women

Gerard Way

1 Gerard

How could he, Gerard Way, Sherriff of Emo Town, not be able to take eyeliner in his water line. HOW COULD HE.

Gerard Way

Gerard way Gerard way and Mikey way Sing glee sing mg chemical romance

Funny Gerard Way moment

I Wanna Run Away With Gerard In A Tardis. My two favorite things, Gerard Way and Doctor Who. Gerard is such a nerd, and that's why I love him.

Gerard Way as a girl

Baby seasons change but people don't ~fob < < < why the f**k would you quote fob for a pic of gerard way. The world never ceses to amaze me < < I know right wtf ...

Gerard Way dressed as Batman for tea with Bandit *heart melts*


Gerard, sweetie, you need to work on your 'nothing bothering here, it's. Gerard WayMy Chemical RomanceBand ...

Gerard Way's many hairstyles. I like the middle one and the bottom row the best